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The 10 Highest Paying In-demand Jobs In The US

Healthcare workers have been top of the list of Highest Paying in-demand jobs in the United States, and the future of the sector is bright. Here are The 10 Highest Paying In-demand Jobs In The US.


  1. Surgeons

The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes this category as “Physicians who treat disabilities, and deformities by invasive, or non-invasive surgical procedures, such as the use of equipment, or manual manipulation.” According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics the Highest Paying In-demand Job in the Us, there are approximately 34,390 surgeons in the US.

$267,020 ($265,990)


  1. Obstetricians-Gynecologists

OB / GYN, earn well below the annual wages for maxillofacial surgeons. There are around 18,590 doctors in this sector in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Highest Paying In-demand Job In the US.

$238,320 ($235,240)


  1. Psychiatrists

These are a medical field sub-specialty. They got a significant pay bump up over 33, while inflation rose 6.6 percent between the years the data were taken from.

$220,380 ($216,090)


  1. General Practice Physicians

This category is described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as “Physicians who treat, and injuries commonly occurring in the general population. Can refer patients to specialists for further diagnosis or treatment if needed.”


$211,780 ($208,560)


  1. Prosthodontists

$191,400 ($196,050)

In the United States, there are only around 380 prosthodontists; their ranks fell from the 2018 survey, as did the mean annual salary posted. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Highest Paying In-demand Job In the US, prosthodontists develop oral prostheses to replace missing teeth and other oral structures to correct naturally.


  1. Pediatricians, General

Pint-size patients mean lower paychecks: Pediatrists who treat children earn less than general practitioners. Yet they are also among the most Highest Paying $183,240 ($180,010) practitioners.


  1. Nurse Anesthetists

$174,790 ($169,450)

The most highly paying group of nurses are nurse anesthetists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Highest Paying In-demand Job In the Us, nurse anesthetists “administer anesthesia, track vital signs of patients, and track patient recovery from anesthesia. May assist surgeons, or dentists. Registered nurses with an advanced graduate degree should be needed.” Growth potential in this sector is stunning: the outlook for job growth in the composite group, which also includes nursing midwives and nursing practitioners, is 26 percent from 2018–2028.


  1. Podiatrists

$148,220 ($148,470)

Podiatrists are foot physicians but many podiatrists opt for a DPM degree rather than a conventional medical degree. O*NET says this sector has a “bright outlook” for potential job growth.


  1. Marketing Managers

Spin, they say, is that, and it should not come as a shock that these are among the highest-paying  $147,240 ($145,620) In-demand jobs in the United States. To brand executives the five top-paying sectors are:

  • Cable/subscription programming
  • Scientific research
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Motion picture/video
  • Apparel manufacturing


  1. Sales Managers

$140,320 ($140,600)

By Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales managers prepare, guide, or organize the actual delivery or transfer to the consumer of a product or service. Organize sales delivery by defining selling regions, targets, and objectives, and set up training programs for sales representatives. Analyze staff-gathered sales statistics to define sales opportunities and inventory needs, and track consumer tastes.

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