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Green Card Lottery Step By Step – How to Win A US Green Card

United State Visa applicants are randomly chosen in the Green Card Lottery. Selected applicants and their immediate family members will obtain immigrant diversity visas, which will give them the legal right to permanently reside and work in the U.S. You can win green cards with your family but you must apply for the Green Card Lottery immediately.

You must follow the 12 steps mentioned below to be qualified to join the Green Card Lottery. Both measures are very critical, which is the more reason you can use a qualified immigration service at all times.


  1. Request Online.

Our program is easy to use, and in less than 5 minutes you can apply and pay the application fee.


  1. Pick a Lottery Program and pay the tax.

Check out our Application Plans and select the one that suits you best.


  1. Your application will now form part of the drawing for the lottery.

The drawing is made by the United States government 100 percent randomly.


  1. Upload photo(s) of yourself

Upload your photo(s) and let our immigration team help you get it right 100 percent.


  1. Admitted photo(s).

Our immigration team can only verify and approve each photo if it is 100 percent correct. If you need to rectify or verify any of your pictures, we’ll remind you.


  1. Request accepted.

Our staff will finalize the application review and approve it before it is submitted to the US Government.


  1. Application is sent to the Government of the United States

We’re going to forward your application to the United States Governance on time and in the right place.


  1. Notification of the winner received from U.S Govt.

The United States government will pick 1 Lac winners or more.

Just 50 thousand Diversity Visas are available. Since any of the first 50 thousand applicants chosen are unlikely to apply for visas or seek their cases to receive a visa, the KCC must pick more than 50 thousand applications to ensure that all eligible Diversity Visas are provided. Nevertheless, this also means that not all those who are initially chosen will be granted a sufficient number of visas. So when your application is accepted it is very important to act promptly.


  1. Preparation for the United States visa interview Advisory team.

When you go for a visa interview, it is very important that you are well prepared.


  1. Interview Visa at your nearest United State Advisory team.

The Immigration officer must look through all of your documentation and ask you questions during the visa interview.


  1. Temporary visa for travel (immigrant visa) to the United States of America

Following a positive visa interview, you will be given an immigrant visa by the Immigration officer to enter the U.S. To enter the United State, you need to have an immigrant visa issued, and you need to get your temporary green card status proof stamped on your passport at the first American airport you arrive at (called “port of entry”).


  1. Issued Green Card.

Your real Green Card arrives in the mail 3-4 weeks after you arrive, at the address you sent to the U.S.

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