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5 Best Ways for Investors to Immigrate To the United States

What’s the best immigration program in the United States for foreign investor and their family?

Here are your top five immigration options for the United State investors:

  1. Prior investment: EB-5

To get conditional green cards for you and your family, you spend US$ 1 million in your own company and hire at least 10 people directly for two years.

Processing takes about 18 months and you will be able to reach the U.S. in about six months if you combine that with the E-2 visa below.

If you invest in a high U.S. region of unemployment, the amount needed to apply can be just $500,000 U.S. Like with a restaurant or hotel chain, this is a reasonable idea to integrate with a potential franchise scenario.


  1. EB-5 Production in Local Centers

Low charge of $500,000 United States for a green card, passive participation. Invest $500,000 the United States dollars in a regional center approved by the EB-5 government for about 5 years. You receive conditional green cards after about 18 months, which entitles you and your immediate family to join the United States.

It is a passive investment in which the capital is invested in a commercial enterprise of someone else, such as a hotel, home, or office tower. The catch here is that your money needs to hire ten or more American employees over a 2 year period via the project.


  1. Visa E-2 Work

How about hiring yourself to be working in the United States?

Unless your citizenship country has an investment arrangement with the U.S, you may be able to receive an E-2 visa to work in the U.S for a business that you create. Basically you are both the owner and the employee of immigrants.

Requirements for investment differ depending on the design of the company and its industry. On the low end, it could be covered by around $75,000 by the U.S., though $200,000 and up would make things easier.

E-2 partners will get blanket work permits to work anywhere in the United States, too.E-2 visas will provide easy entry into the United States of America while acting as a stepping stone to a direct green card from the EB-5. He is now on his way to the green card with direct investment for the EB-5.


  1. Transferee intercorporate

Think of a boss from Toyota heading to the United States to operate a subsidiary factory. You may be entitled to obtain a green card if you are transferred from your abroad company to an affiliated company of the United States. Your work in the United States has to be close to the job you did at home.



  1. EB-1 Outstanding Immigrants

There’re 5 choices for United States immigration to consider when you become an investor.

Even if you are not ready to immigrate to the U.S right now, these choices could be seen as an immigration contingency plan, just in case you don’t like the look of things you are in.

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