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10 Steps To Achieve The American Dream For New Immigrants

The “American Dream” doesn’t go into debt to purchase a home. The “American Dream” is the potential of every person to attain success, regardless of race, religion, or means, and in many cases great success, through hard work, commitment, determination, and sacrifice.

You need to like this. You need to know. Perhaps most importantly, something has to be done about it.

Those that do excel are not whiners. They don’t blame their mistakes on others. They do not shy away from their obligations. They’re just doing something about it.

Whatever holds you back from succeeding is your problem. You will have yourself knocked down. They’re going to crash. You will find yourself trying to get away with it. In the end, if you do, you’ll succeed. Here are the 10 Steps to Achieve The American Dream For New Immigrants:


  1. Your future, literally, depends on that. Their lives are your own. This will take care of you if you don’t take control of it.
  2. Be responsible for the situation you are in. It’s not the fault of anyone else but yours and accusing others just stops you from taking action to repair it.
  3. You really do need to desire it. The difference between failure and success is how much you want to be good. If you’re not serious, then you’re going to fail. Each time you get knocked down you need to be able to get up.
  4. Tests the circumstances. Place yourself in a position to track what’s going on around you.
  5. Here’s a reference. Exploring an unfamiliar place without a guide is one sure way to get lost in the jungle. Consider a mentor at the company to help you into the wilderness.
  6. Be assertive. No one will take you to heart until you first take yourself seriously. It’s a rough road to be successful and you have to be brave enough to face the challenging obstacles.
  7. Ready to work. Success is not a 9-5 daily weekday. It’s a 24-7 adventure that will eat up your life, particularly in the early stages.
  8. Are you a “renter” or “owner?” Be committed to it, own your idea. Without consequence “renters” will walk away. “Properties” have so much to risk at stake. If required, be prepared to devote every last nickel to the company. If there’s no other choice but to succeed … You going to.
  9. Get off social networks. Success doesn’t happen unless you sit on your couch and surround yourself in an “echo chamber” with like-minded people. If you want to succeed, get out into the real world, embrace diversity and different views, and seek out opportunities that others overlook.
  10. You need your current friends potentially to get rid of them. When you want to know where you are going to be in five years, look at who you are surrounding yourself with now. If your current group of friends doesn’t raise you up, make you happier and inspire you to excel, they just pull you down. Productive individuals surround themselves with productive persons.

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